• Bob Phelan

    Bob Phelan has hosted 261 episodes.

    Bob is the creator and host of The Redbox Report movie podcast and The Redbelt Report MMA podcast. He is a contributor to, writing articles about movies and MMA. He is married with two kids and delivers the mail for a living.

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  • Brooks Phelan

    Brooks Phelan has hosted 46 episodes.

    Brooks is the co-host of The Redbelt Report and the video game episodes of The Redbox Report. He came into the fold with the inaugural episode of The Redbelt Report in January 2016.


  • Joel Phelan

    Joel Phelan has hosted 96 episodes.

    Joel is the co-host of The Redbox Report. He took Casey's place starting with episode 110 in February 2015. His areas of expertise include anime, Halo, and watching a movie multiple times to get through it. Hates horror movies.


  • Casey Brady

    Casey Brady has hosted 122 episodes.

    Casey was the original co-host of The Redbox Report all the way back in January 2013 through episode 109 in February 2015. Founding member that also appeared as a guest along with Edgar Chaput on episode 118 to take part in the summer box office draft.